I know, it is not far-west. But it was very nice. I remember many good afternoons that I spent watching Tarzan adventures.

Following the success of Tarzan adventures in the Brazilian television in the 1970’s, Gulliver released the Africa Series. From 1973 to 1977 the series was composed of the following sets:

África Misteriosa (Mysterious Africa);



Fantasma (I really do not know the name of this character in English, but you will recognize him in the picture);


The following picture shows the advertisement of this new series. This advertisement was published in comic books:

Although Tarzan was the major star of this series, the major set was not Tarzan, but Mysterious Africa. The set was composed of a palisade, five huts, totem and African warriors. In the pictures you will see six huts, but the sixth one was added by the collectors.

The illustration for the box of the set was done by the Brazilian artist Nelson Reis, and Nelson considers this as one of his best for the toy industry. Here is a picture of the box and the set:

The set also came with green palisade, as in this picture:

The set Tarzan came with Tarzan himself, Jane, Boy, a tree and animals, as shown in this picture (which also shows the box):

The Safari set came with white hunters, Africans, animals, a jail and items to be carried by the Africans. Here is a picture of the box:

This is a picture of the set. The picture is not good, since this set is in a very dark corner of my house:

The Fantasma set (would it be “Phantom” in English?) contained two “fantasmas”: seated and standing, horse, dog and Africans. Here is a picture of the box and the set:

A throne was sold separately. An image of the throne can be seen in the advertisement shown above, under the word “fantasma”.

Finally there was the Zoo set, representing an actual zoo, with jails and animals. This is a picture of the box:

And here is a picture of the set:


Animals were also sold separately.

In 1978 Gulliver made changes to the sets. The Mysterious Africa was reduced and renamed to Tarzan. Jane and Boy were retired…, while the sets Tarzan (the original), Safari and Fantasma were discontinued.

Here are pictures of the new Tarzan. Box and set:

The set came assembled and fixed in a basis. This new version was made in 1978 and 1979. After 1980 Gulliver did not make Tarzan anymore.

The set Zoo was also changed for 1978. It became smaller, with less jails and animals. It also came assembled, fixed in a basis. While I write this text I am travelling, and only now I noticed that I forgot the picture of the new zoo set…but I promise to show it in a future text.

This new version of the Zoo was made in 1978 and 1979.

The Zoo set was the only one to survive. Sometimes with the name Zoo, sometimes with different names, it is still being produced by Gulliver, although the animals have not been hand painted in the last 20 years or so.

Well, that is what I had for now. I will not mention comments, since I have already learned that international readers do not like to leave comments. Maybe they are shy…

A last information – so far (since 2005) this site was updated every two months. From now on it will be updated every four months (January, May and September).

See you.

Marcos Guazzelli

January 2012

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De: ivan luiz ferreira
Fiquei bastante feliz em me fazer lembrar nos bons momentos da minha infancia, tive a felicidade em poder adquirir todos estes brinquedos acima. Sou de 1963

De: Yuri
What's interesting that most of the figures are copied from the Spanish firm "Pech". But most interesting situation about the totem from thise Africa set. The mater is that it is totem from Pech indian set (1955). Therefore, it is unfortunate mistake of Guliver firm.